A magic story about “Multiculturalism”

story written by Arantza Belmonte


Youth! Together!…What?!

This story starts long, long time ago.
This story doesn?t have a prince and a princess.
Actually, this story has a lot of them.
And, as the stories for kids, it has a happy ending.

Ten months ago, in the mysterious Poland, the project called ?Youth! Together! Now! ? started.
It was a difficult mission for four beginners volunteers. Four knights from all around Europe?Their names were Ksenia, Patricia, Endre and Arantza.  I?m one of them and I?m going to tell you the magic story of the crusade ?Multiculturalism? that took place in Krakow.

Chapter 1

All started with a meeting with our coordinators.

At the begging of the mission we were lost. Even our superiors were confused.
It was so difficult to define the purpose of our work: Why are we doing this? What are we going to talk about? What do we want to share? Who is going to do this? or that? or whatever? Will the people listen to us? What the hell is ?Multiculturalism?? Co to jest ?zine??

?We are doing this because now we are involved in a European program and we should spread the European values in the community where we are living now.? To find out that answer was easy. Multiculturalism? Well? It?s something about opportunities, differences, culture, art, to discover? That one was not so clear.

Due to that chaos in our minds we decided to draw a map to order our thoughts. Then, we started to talk and share our ideas until we found the way? after few months.


Chapter 2

After thinking a lot we met again with our coordinators to talk about the mission and the strategy we decided to follow.

We are knights, but we love kids and we want to teach them the right path. We wanted to know how they see the world so we can help them to understand it and to respect other people. We wanted to show everyone that ?Multiculturalism? is not only a topic for adults and cultivated people. Kids can also understand what it is. Furthermore, it?s a topic that goes by our side since we are born until the day we die.

So, this was the strategy:  we needed to split up to cover more territory.
Then, each of us had their own task. One of us had to prepare workshops to teach the kids (and also the adults) about different topics such as sexuality, dyslexia or gender.
Other knight had to record a movie to explain the people that sometimes discrimination is not as visible as it seems. Then, the other two of us were going to interview the kids to know more about their perception of the world and the main topic. Also they organised workshops to get deeper inside the investigation. Finally, the mission was heading to end up in a public event exhibition to show everyone what we have found out during our crusade.

Chapter 3

Each one of us got on its way.
We worked a lot. We spent a lot of time to accomplish our mission. We visited so many different kingdoms and regions.
The kids had a lot of things to say. They had a lot of things to dream about.
Workshops were done, for kids and adults. Interviews were done and even one of the volunteers did handmade portraits of some of the kids. Different kids, with different appearance and smiles. But, despite that, all of them love each other so much.
It seemed that all the knights were doing their work well. But sometimes it?s difficult to reach a happy ending?


Chapter 4

Like in every mission, not everything it?s perfect. Like in good stories sometimes there are some obstacles that make the knights work harder. Like in good stories, there?s someone who don?t arrive to the end….
Our obstacle was the time. EVS time was going to end and we had to manage to finish our tasks on time. When can we show the results of our work? Each of us had a mission somewhere else?(We were busy knights)
Finally we agreed in the place and date. Our final battlefield was going to be Łaka Café.

Chapter 5

21st of June arrived and we were ready to face our last challenge.
The exhibition was prepared: we hung in the wall the answers of the kids and the portraits. Also we had the collages that kids made and some delicious food was served in the table; delicious traditional food from different countries to celebrate the triumph of an intercultural crusade.
We offered also some games related to the topic, and, furthermore, one knight prepared a workshop for those who came to join us in our last day of mission.
We explain our crusade, our goals and how we reached them. We explain how hard we fought. But we also explain how happy we felt after all the effort.

Now there?s just one thing left? the final report. Something that in our EVS lands it?s called ?zine?.

The End?


Organizers: EVS volunteers “Youth! Together! Now!” project, Internationaler Bund Polska
Disclaimer: This project has been funded with support from the European Commission within Erasmus + framework. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Experience the world of volunteering ? photo vernissage


On 28th of October a group of volunteers ? Bastien from France, Ivana from Bosnia, Antonio from Italy and Marianna from Hungary ? all participating in the project ?Spread the light? held a photo vernissage, a final presentation of their daily work through photos.

Exhibition_Group of volunteers

They all work as volunteers in different schools specifically for disabled people. At the vernissage they exhibited 28 photos, 7 from each school, representing their work and some students from their schools also contributed to the event since they made some works of art to be exhibited. The exhibition took place at Zespół Szkół Specjalnych nr. 11 at Dobczycka Street, where one of the hosts of the event, Bastien, works.

            To the vernissage the volunteers had the possibility to invite other volunteers and friends and also people from different organisations. The event started at half past 7: first, the director of the school had a speech and then Bastien gave his own speech about the exhibition where his explained to the visitors what the volunteers wished to express with the pictures: to enable people to discover how volunteers get by at their workplace. In the pictures we can explore on the one hand, the happy aspects of their work, showing how much volunteers and disabled people can give each other but on the other we can also see moment of their daily tasks, such as feeding, helping in music class.


            To sum up, it was a really nice event, which may have the importance for the future in the presentation of the volunteers daily life but at the same time allowing visitors to see how beautiful the job of a volunteer can be.

Organizers: EVS volunteers “EVS – Spread the light” project, Internationaler Bund Polska
Disclaimer: This project has been funded with support from the European Commission within Erasmus + framework. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

Being a “Youngster on the move”

article written by Iryna Panchak

Hi! My name is Ira, I?m 23 years old and I?m from Ukraine. I would like to share with you my feelings and experiences which I got during my EVS in Krakow.

Before I came to Poland I was working in Charity Foundation ?Wings of hope? who helps children with cancer. After one year of working there I understood that I need to change something in my life totally. I thought that I need something special which will give me a chance to develop myself and give me new aim in my life. And I was right when I decided to do my EVS in charming Krakow and awesome hosting organization Zespół Szkół Specjalnych  no. 11. During these 10 months I gained huge experience in working with children with disabilities, moreover I got used to being in international team and creating something interesting together.

Except of working in school 6 hours per day, the second part of my EVS planning, managing and implementing an event  within my project ?Youngsters on the Move?.  The project gathered 8 volunteers from different countries, different nationalities, thus variety views and opinions in life. The aim of the project was to highlight the issue of human migration, reasons, consequences and influences of it in the world. Of course, for us it was big challenge to create something together in multicultural team (from Morocco till Ukraine) and it required a lot of patience and understanding, energy and creativity. Participation in this project gave me a chance to look at  human migration from different perspectives (European Union, North of Africa and Post-Soviet country). Each of us has different experiences and insight about human migration; because of that reason, we decided to create our world with different countries, territories, religions and laws and to put everything in the game ?No borders, No barriers?.


The main idea was immerse participants of game in the world of countries with starvations, wars or natural disasters. 4 countries with 11 characteristics, 19 participants and 35 minutes of ?migration? to different countries just trying to find better life for themselves and their families.  Everyone had their own role and story of life and moving to each of 4 countries forced them to reflect on migration process, to solve different problems of moving and make a decision at the moment. This game helped us to present how volunteers see phenomenon of migration, what people could expect by moving in different country and what is waiting for them there.

So, 13th of June we organized our event, where each of us, but most of all me got a lot of an unforgettable and unique experience to work with international team on important topic nowadays.

Today is 28th of June and after 3 days I will finish my EVS, my amazing and adventurous trip. This fact makes me sad but I?m also so grateful for having this chance in my life. My EVS was full of the greatest emotions, events, people and experiences. I met a lot of new friends, got new knowledge and great opportunity to improve and develop myself.

Organizers: EVS volunteers “Youngsters on the move” project, Internationaler Bund Polska
Disclaimer: This project has been funded with support from the European Commission within Erasmus + framework. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

How to live a memorable day at the ?Farm of Life?

Article written by Ilde Navarrete

In the next few lines I will describe what I experienced during my day at the Farm of Life the 3rd October 2015. Little did I know before about the picnic, only that we paid a visit to know their wonderful and brand-new facilities and that my friends Alicia and Berkay assisted during summer there. Moreover it is one of the hosting organizations that IB Polska is cooperating with. Helped by the representatives of IB Polska and many of my volunteer friends, I took part in the welcoming picnic the people at the farm organized for everybody who was interested. The event lasted since the early morning to the afternoon.


The farm is designed to host autistic residents, as well as to serve as a venue for different workshops and activities for those who live at their homes. Other than workshop rooms, residential spaces, and gymnastic halls, the farm also has a huge extension of green areas where animal huts are located. During the couple of meetings we attended, we organized additional activities for the families visiting the picnic, I was assigned to prepare a gymkhana with scoring games and a mini-marathon to somehow inaugurate the new green path that the farm offers. It was for me a great pleasure to count with the support of some of my workmates and friends who showed great interest in helping together with the care of our IB Polska coordinators and farm staff. It is important to mention that we were also helped by volunteers from Ukraine who were present during the picnic. Other than our activities, volunteers also prepared some delicious food treats such as Spanish gazpacho and potato omelets or French croissants.

Our volunteers? gymkhana included a set of challenges based on the different continents (jumping as an Australian kangaroo, hitting balloon animals at an African safari, the American gold Rush or painting in the European Renaissance, as examples). Families and other visitors were collecting scores through team work in all of the games that volunteers led. In the end of the day, the best scoring participants plus the people participating in the mini-marathon received very nice presents on behalf of the farm that everybody took with smiles on their faces and the purest feeling of pride. It is important also to point out the interest of visitors and residents of the farm to participate in our proposal of activities and know more about the activities organized by Internationaler Bund Polska.

So this was the result of joining together a bunch of talented volunteers plus coordinators, tasty food, entertaining activities, and the effort of people who really care about what they are doing. It made us able to enjoy an amazing life learning experience for which I still thank to each and every participant.

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Here you can find more details about Fundacja Wspólnota Nadziei and about Farm of life (Farma Życia):

Biuro Fundacji Wspólnota Nadziei
Więckowice, ul. Ogrodowa 17,
32-082 Bolechowice


Make Your Own Rainbow

Serbian version below

Article written by Ivana Mitrović

On Saturday, January 30th, I was proof reading an article that reminded me of how much I like writing, especially writing about beautiful things. On Sunday, January 31st, I attended an amazing event and now I have to make sure it?s covered by media, because, of course, I want to make it more about myself than about the event.

Make your own rainbow_Ivana M (5)

It was some months ago that I went to FORUM Przestrzenie, to a vintage market, for the first time since I?d been living here. Of course, I went alone because my roommates are emancipated enough to make fun of buying overpriced second hand items and they don?t know me enough to know not to say something like that in my face. I wouldn?t recommend going to those places with your card, not (only) because there is a risk of spending all your money on a hair pin that Mulan would have worn if she didn?t go to war, but because you cannot pay your precious objects of desire by card. It is where I first saw creative embodiment of my thoughts about life in Krakow and in Poland. Creative embodiment I couldn?t buy, but since then I have been thinking a lot about girls with eyes wide open, girls that create their own happiness out of teeny-tiny things that surround them.

Make your own rainbow_Ivana M (2)

As soon as I came back to Poland after Christmas holidays, I went to listen to a band that was performing between vintage market (on the left) and stands with food that is not pasta or something you can make in 300 secs (on the right). This time my roommate, selfproclamed social beast came with me, because he was interested in the band and in the stands on the right. But, we also went left because that is where a friend of his friend was selling her handmade stuff (Angel choir sings Hallelujah intro.) That?s how I met Aga, the girl whose art bought me some months before. Based solely on seven short sentences we exchanged, she seemed like one of the greatest persons I had ever met (Tiago, thank you to the moon and back!). She asked me to help her with the design of her soon-to-be-open art gallery, but I was sure it will end only with an invitation, typical we have to meet for coffee sometime situation. But, we actually met twice and disscussed the positions of the mirror, swing, magnetic board and lights for several hours. Although my education in design is based almost exclusively on osmosis because I was living with a designer for six months, I still feel at least slightly responsible for that one shelf standing there, looking great.

Make your own rainbow_Ivana M (4)

In Aga’s small shabby chic gallery, everything is either handmade in her basement by herself or it was given to her as a present. Bracelets are lying on a table made by a homeless who earns his living by assembling old furniture and bags designed by a friend of Aga?s mom are hanging from over a hundred year leather. Even when you sit in the window, on (of course, handmade) cussions and wave at trams 6, 18 or 52, you forget that you are in the very center of the city because when you turn your head away from Dominikanska street and you look at the tiles, magnets, pendants and necklaces, mugs, notebooks, bracelets and pins, not only you wish you posses everything, you could also go one step further: imagining the entire scene of drinking you know which tea form this precise mug, writing on these precise cards to your high school friends who now live in different continents. And when you go and send the cards, you will put this bow-shaped brooch on your big warm scarf. Okay, this was quite more than one step further, but you see my point. My absolute favorite are (it?s not so hard to guess) the notebooks, with their excellent prints and beautiful yellow pages. (This sentence takes this special place at the end of the paragraph for that somebody who is coming to visit me and still has no idea about my present.)

Make your own rainbow_Ivana M (1)

Finally, there is one more reason for this text to be so biased: lottery organized at the opening event. You could win anything that came from Make your Own Rainbow manufacture for just 5 PLN! This is how the girl with the amazing energy and smile collected 578 PLN for her fellow art gallery owner that has brain cancer and this is how she has shown how making our own rainbows can become at least more colorful with that kind of support. Thanks a lot for the invitation, Aga, I really enjoyed and see you very soon!

Make your own rainbow_Ivana M (3)

Photos from the opening, taken by Ivana Mitrović

U subotu, 30. januara, revidirala sam članak i to me je podsetilo koliko mi se sviđa da pišem, a naročito da pišem o lepim stvarima. U nedelju, 31. januara, prisustvovala sam prelepom događaju za koji pod hitno moram da se postaram da bude medijski propraćen jer, naravno, više je o meni nego o događaju.

Pre nekoliko meseci sam prvi put otišla u Forum, na vintidž bazar, sama, naravno, jer su moji sadašnji cimeri dovoljno emancipovani da ismevaju pojave poput kupovine precenjenih polovnih stvari i dovoljno me ne poznaju da mi to i kažu. Savet koji sam sigurna da ne moram nikom da dam je da, ako volite didža-bidže, ne idete sa karticom na takva mesta. Ne zato što ne smete sebi da dozvolite da potrošite sve svoje zlatnike na ukrasni češalj kakav bi Mulan sigurno nosila da nije otišla u rat, nego jer ne može da se plati karticom. Tamo sam prvi put videla kreativno (iako zazirem, da ne kažem nešto drugo, od te reči) otelotvorenje onoga što mislim o životu u Krakovu i u Poljskoj. Kreativno otelotvorenje koje nisam mogla da kupim, ali baš sam dugo razmišljala o setnim devojčicama krupnih očiju koje stvaraju svoje male sreće od malih stvari oko sebe.

Čim sam se vratila u Poljsku posle novogodišnjih praznika koje sam provela kod kuće, otišla sam na svirku koja je bila između vintidž bazara, levo, i hrane koja nije pasta ili nešto što može da se spremi za trista sekundi, desno. Ovoga puta je sa mnom išao moj cimer, samoproklamovana social beast, jer su ga zanimali svirka i štandovi desno. Međutim, otišli smo levo jer je tamo drugarica njegove drugarice imala štand. (Hor anđela počinje da peva Aleluja.) Tako sam upoznala Agu, devojku čiji me je ručni rad kupio nekoliko meseci ranije i koja mi je izgledala kao najsimpatičnije biće i to samo na osnovu sedam eleptičnih rečenica koje smo razmenile. (Beskrajno hvala, Tiago!) Pozvala me je da joj pomognem sa idejama za galeriju koju bi trebalo da otvori, ali bila sam sigurna da će na tome da se završi, dakle, ?moramo da se vidimo na kafi ovih dana? situacija. Međutim, zapravo smo se videle dva puta i satima razgovarale o položaju ogledala, ljuljaške i table za magnete. Iako sam u polju dizajna obrazovana isključivo osmozom jer sam živela sa dizajnerkom pola godine, osećam se mrvicu zaslužnom što ta jedna polica stoji baš tu i izgleda odlično.

U Aginoj šabi šik galerijici, koja radi već peti dan (trk!), nema stvari koje ona nije napravila u svom podrumu ili koju neko nije napravio baš za nju. Sto na kome su izložene njene narukvice napravio je beskućnik koji zarađuje tako što sklapa i prepravlja nameštaj, merdevine su preko sto godina stare i na njima su izložene torbe prijateljice Agine mame, a police i ramovi su pokloni od dragih ljudi. Čak i kad sedite u izlogu na ručno šivenim jastucima i mašete tramvajima 6, 18 ili 52, zaboravite da ste u centru grada jer kad skrenete pogled sa Dominikanske ulice, i gledate u sve te pločice, razglednice, magnete, priveske i ogrlice, šolje, sveske, narukvice i(li) bedževe, ne samo da poželite da ih imate sve, možda odete i korak više: osmislite melanholičnu atmosferu dok pijete čaj iz baš te šolje, pišući na baš takvim razglednicama svojim drugaricama iz srednje koje sada žive na tri kontinenta, a kad izađete da pošaljete razglednice, na svoj topli šal možete da stavite broš u obliku mašne, broš koji može da se nosi i na koktel žurci i u školi. Okej, ovo je bilo mnogo koraka više, ali razumemo se. Moj favorit su, naravno, sveske sa odličnom štampom na tvrdim koricama i predivnim žutim papirom i ova rečenica je ležerno umetnuta na kraj pasusa iliti markirano mesto zbog nekoga ko mi dolazi u posetu, a još uvek ne zna šta da mi kupi.

Na kraju, ovaj tekst je pristrasan i zbog lutrije koja je organizovana na dan otvaranja galerije. Za pet zlatnika mogli ste da kupite listić i osvojite bilo šta sa Make Your Own Rainbow potpisom. Tako je ova devojka predivnog osmeha sakupila 578 zlatnika za koleginicu koja boluje od raka mozga i time pokazala da je making our own rainbows lakše kad imamo ovakvu podršku. Hvala mnogo na pozivu, Aga, stvarno sam uživala i vidimo se uskoro!

How to… write a good CV

EVS is for many of us volunteers the possibility to have a free phase, to make steps out of the comfort zone and to collect new experiences. But the time to think about
?what to do after my EVS? is coming faster than most of us expected,
because time is running so fast.

A few days ago our coordinating organization Internationaler Bund Polska arranged a CV workshop for the volunteers. One of that steps, that you usually have to take if you make your plans for the future, is the preparation of your CV ? always something that swirls up many questions.

In the workshop, held by Agata Glouszek (who did a really great job) from Alexander Mann Solutions Poland, we were not talking about fonts and space between the lines. We talked about how to arrange an individual CV, which represents a balance between honest information and the degree of what we want/need to share. We got aware of the fact, that we have an immediate influence on the interview with our CV and not every youth camp or internship is interesting in your CV.

Your CV always has to be based on your circumstances, where are you applying, for which position, what skills can you offer to the company/association etc., which experiences did you make in this
field before? So content and appearance always have to be adjusted on the current conditions?

>>>Finally CVs are so individual as the
persons who are writing them.<<<

CV Workshop IB Polska_? Katrin Pleus (15)

Agata Glouszek, who run the workshop.

CV Workshop IB Polska_? Katrin Pleus (10)
Ildefonso and Iryna

CV Workshop IB Polska_? Katrin Pleus (5)

Patricia and Danai

CV Workshop IB Polska_? Katrin Pleus (4)


For more pictures, visit our facebook profile

Pictures taken by Katrin Pleus.

Let?s discover?Poland ? workshop animated by Marianna

This is a report of Marianna Horváth, who organized an instructive workshop for the new volunteers:

On 24th of September I managed to organize an aftermath workshop of the summer educational training ?Getting to know about Poland?. I am an EVS volunteer at the moment in Krakow so I couldn?t organize anything in my country, therefore I figured that such a workshop which aims at promoting Polish culture and cultural diplomacy could be beneficial for newcomer and even current EVS volunteers as well.

Workshop Marianna Horvath_ IB Polska EVS Volunteers (2)

My workshop was called ?Let?s discover?.Poland?, which aimed at enriching the volunteers? knowledge about their chosen country, after they discovered the city of Krakow in the frame of Krakow City Game I organized as part of my EVS. At the workshop I sought to use the non-formal educational techniques I saw both in the training and before during my teacher training.

The workshop lasted for 3 hours and was divided in 4 parts. As a starter I asked the participants to think back of their luggage and choose only one object they would like to keep. Then they had to work in pairs and had to figure out how to manage during their stay in Krakow. Interesting suggestions were also made like photographs or camera but basically the participants chose absolutely normal and everyday solutions, so jokingly we concluded that their aptitude of being able to live in a foreign country is guaranteed.

Then followed the gastro-quiz during which participants, in groups, had to answer 15 questions about Polish eating and drinking habits, Polish national food. After each correct answer the groups were given Krówka, a typical Polish sweet to get them to know about the sweeter side of Poland on the one hand; and on the other, to motivate them for more correct answers.

Workshop Marianna Horvath_ IB Polska EVS Volunteers (1)

Following gastronomy, we had a history session. First I showed them the video that was made by Institute of Eastern Initiatives and then in 4 groups (two early ages and two modern ages of Poland) they had to create an excerpt of a history book ? but in different genres: children?s book, military report, diary and tabloid. The participants seemingly enjoyed the creative work and in the end four amazing works were created by them.

Workshop Marianna Horvath_ IB Polska EVS Volunteers (4)   Workshop Marianna Horvath_ IB Polska EVS Volunteers (5)

Workshop Marianna Horvath_ IB Polska EVS Volunteers (3)   Workshop Marianna Horvath_ IB Polska EVS Volunteers (6)

Workshop Marianna Horvath_ IB Polska EVS Volunteers (8)     Workshop Marianna Horvath_ IB Polska EVS Volunteers (7)

Lastly the geographical, regional part left. Here I had to make drastic changes as to the implementation of my vision due to lack of time. The original idea was to play a tourist office role play game, so first they were to make posters about four different regions considering interesting places and activities the region could offer and also the price they would like to sell tours in a given region. After they should have visited 2 regions per person (1 person should have stayed at each region to play the travel agent) but at this time they couldn?t forget that beforehand they were given roles to play ? adventurous friend, spoilt millionaire or heartbroken man/woman. Unfortunately, we couldn?t realize this final part so in the meantime, to the request of some engaged participants, amongst other reasons) I had to change the concept and in the end, they created a flyer of each region (Lesser Poland, Mazovia, Greater Poland and Silesia) and in the end as a group we had to vote for the best flyer and therefore the best region of the day. The winner was Greater Poland with a beautiful promotional envelope.

Workshop Marianna Horvath_ IB Polska EVS Volunteers (10)  Workshop Marianna Horvath_ IB Polska EVS Volunteers (9)  Workshop Marianna Horvath_ IB Polska EVS Volunteers (11)

All in all I am very satisfied with the creation and engagement of the participants and hope that I could provide them some new info about Poland and a great time while discovering it.

All pictures taken by Bastien Duparchy and Katrin Pleus

Time for “creACTIVE minds”!

Our world is changing day by day. As citizens of Europe we can feel a great wind of social changes and evolving cultures! This is a fantastic possiblity but a great challenge too. The project “creACTIVE minds” is an answer for these big changes and demands of young people to become more socially conscious and active units. By this project we hope our voluteers will find their place in international environment and they will influence others to seek their path!

In our project participate four volunteers Katrin from Germany, Danai from Greece, Iryna from Belarus and Ivana from Serbia.  They will stay in Cracow for 10 months. They have opportunity to work at Krakowska Fabryka Talentów Association,  Młodzieżowy Dom Kultury KFT and in organisation Internationaler Bund Polska. This project is funded by the European Commission within the framework of Erasmus+ .

Iryna and Danai work in the project at Krakowska Fabryka Talentów Association. The main aim of this organisation is to  provide equal access to education and culture towards children and youth despite their various social backgrounds. Our volunteers will assist teachers and tutors during workshops and other activities, coorganize events and self-prepared workshops for youngsters.


Ivana  realizes projects at Niepubliczny Młodzieżowy Dom Kultury KFT. Culture centre of KFT organizes artistic, sport, educational workshops aimed at youth and children (3-18 years). Ivana will assist teacherss, tutors during the activities addressed at young people visiting the Centre.

Katrin works at IB Polska. She assists in developing our european projects. She supports the EVS department to organize workshops, cultural and integrational meetings and supports the organisation in  promotion of the activities undertaken by the EVS volunteers.


All four will prepare VOLUNTEERS MAP OF KRAKOW,with places in Krakow associated with EVS projects and helpful for volunteers! The form will be digital and paper.  It will become very useful tool for our current and future volunteers who will develop it with time. Be prepared!

The European Voluntary Service project ‘creACTIVE minds’ (2015-1-PL01-KA105-014336) is organised within the framework of Erasmus+ KA1 and financed by European Commission.

EU flag-Erasmus+_vect_POS


M&M?s – First Edition                                                     OUT NOW

The Adventures of Superwoman & Superman

Today: I ? my Mentor                                                                  

For the following month all volunteers will be not alone on the streets of Kraków ? we will get support of our particular mentors. In our (first) meeting we got the opportunity to meet our mentors. Through some games and open space for conversations we learned much about the different intentions being a mentor or a volunteer.
We gave an official commitment to seal our fates: Superwoman alias Tiago and Superman alias Bastien handed over the ?BEST MENTOR IN THE FUTURE-SASH? to our mentors.
With this ceremonial pledge we are looking forward towards the first chapter of our shared journey?


About pink sheeps, polish food and royal gold

Treasure Hunt 08/09/2015

TH1    TH3    TH2 (2)

After staying in Kraków for about one week, discovering the city by ourselves the ?old guard? of volunteers tempted us (the new volunteers of IB Polska) with polish candies in a game named ?treasure hunt?. Besides the small task to save the world we also had to solve some puzzles and missions, which solutions should lead us through the city. Getting through seven enormous challenges designed by the ?old guard?, helped us to get to know more of the beautiful city (such as Kościół Św. Apostołów Piotra i Pawła, Zamek Królewski na Wawelu ? and its golden dome and the Synagoga Stara w Krakowie) but also gave us the chance to meet all participants.



TH8 TH12 TH15

TH6 TH7  TH4

Being more or less successful, all of us reached the destination ? Kazimierz. There we came together to exchange our chronicles of adventure trips and all our goods we took on our journey (polish food, vocals and pictures). Besides learning much about the city and the history, we also got in touch with the mystical part of Kraków and the REAL legend of dragon, which we had to reconstruct from some keywords. So, just have a look:

Sheep1aOnce upon a time there was a smart dove-king. His name was Maciek. And there was a princess, named Malin Johansson. She had a farm of pink sheeps. All the sheeps cought a cold because of the typical polish weather. When she was on the road to Krakow by ship with her pink sheeps down the
Wisła river she asked her shoemaker to make a nice shoe to impress the citizens of Kraków. Therefore the shoemaker had to use the sulphur, but he spent all the night drinking of dragon vodka, so he did a wrong manipulation and provoke a huge explosion and the cheeps become blue...

With this lines of the real legend in mind we took a typical polish Zapiekanka with us, went to the Park Bednarskiego and took of our shoes to recover from the day 🙂

We are looking forward to an exciting time in Kraków and are grateful for the great reception the ?old guard? and IB Polska prepared for us.




Pictures taken by: Ivana Mitrovic, Katrin Pleus, Nieves Giner

Getting to know about Poland

Getting to know about Poland

– or meeting people from Eastern Europe (written by Marianna Horváth)

Last Saturday I got a unique possibility: I could spend a whole week with people from 10 different countries (Belarus, Ukraine, Romania, Moldova, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Hungary and Armenia) having the task of getting in touch with Poland through a one-week training which aimed at the promotion and implementation of Polish cultural diplomacy and good Polish practices in the fields of politics, education, society, etc?

During the one-week project we had workshops on various aspects of Polish culture, such as Polish history, regional structure, its international role and Polish diaspora in the world. The project was organized by Instytut Wschodnich Inicjatyw [Institute for Eastern Initiatives] and was financed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Poland. Throughout the project the trainers were using non-formal educational techniques; for instance, groupwork, project work, simulation games, etc? in order to help us digest the material in an enjoyable but fully educational way at the same time. We also had the opportunity to visit important places in Krakow, such as the City Hall or Małopolska Regional Development Agency as well as outside Krakow, Wieliczka Salt Mine or Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration and death camps.

At the City Hall of Krakow

Also, some pictures of our projects and workshops (all pictures were taken by Bartosz Kazek, photographer):

We had a very interesting game which aimed at simulating the negotiations between the Communist Party and the Solidarity Party in 1989. Quite frankly, we had lots of fun while playing with it, and we kept our roles even during the lunch break and continued the game afterwards as well. The second picture is my personal favourite, it really looks like a film poster for a political drama.


Two interesting events took place in the frame of the project: networking night, where the representatives of Eastern European NGOs could meet Polish NGOs and had the chance to talk about possible future collaboration.



Another event was on Friday night, it was the Intercultural Evening where we all had the opportunity to discover each other?s countries through films, commercials quizzes and to the joy of all of us, through traditional food/sweets and drinks. Hungary, of course, represented itself by its pálinka

Animal Rights and Veganism [Workshop]

Take your cookie and join the vegan side!
Take a cookie and join the Vegan side!

EVS does not only mean helping others. It’s a space to express your believes. Our EVS girls, Nathalie and Daryna, on 6 July organised a workshop on animal rights. Both of them are longterm vegans and during the workshop they encouraged us to rethink the meat/diary/fur industry and consider living cruelty-free.



This workshop was a great chance for us to talk about animals and their rights. We answered many important questions! WHY and HOW to support animal rights, what to eat, when you are vegan. Girls prepared a special group works for us where we had to figure out the differences and similarities between people and animals! At the end they showed us the movie about killing animals! This film strongly influenced our imaginations!

All of that took place at Cracow’s very first social garden – The Poziomkowa Polana. Also, there was a small barbecue after the theoretical part 😉

What’s more this event made by Daryna and Nathalie was their “Goodbye Party”!