ArtyCrafty : workshop dreamcatchers and Mandalas

From now on every EVS’er in Cracow will sleep well…

On Thursday 21th of may the workshop ‘dreamcatchers and Mandalas’ took place in the art Gallery Melanż Sztuki. Together with all the volunteers and other participants we learned how to make a dreamcatcher and a Mandala. We made the dreamcatcher out of  a thin branch, string, pearls and some patience. The making of the mandala was a moment to relax or to go back to their childhood. If you still don’t sleep well or you are in a need of a rest. Do come to out next events from our volunteers! Dream on …..

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A big thank you to Kasia from Melanż Sztuki for the amazing hospitality!

Meet Catherine

Dzien dobry!

AntoinetteMy name is Catherine and I am from Belgium. I am working as a volunteer in a primary school in Krakow. Education, art and culture has always been a part of my life. That is why I choose to be part of this project. I would like to know how kids learn, how is their culture and what place art has in their daily life.

In the school I help the art teacher with organizing her lessons, I share my language in a French lesson and together with two other volunteers we make it possible for kids to know about Europe in their classroom.

I am a creative person and I think a lot about my experiences. To share this with others I made a blog with my drawings. Take a look and meet my curious caricature that looks a lot like me.