Cracow Together

Cracow has always been multicultural, and we have it written into our urban DNA.

We want to meet this challenge head-on!

There are more and more of us in Cracow, we are different, and together we create a common space.

For Whom?

In cooperation with the Faculty of Education of the City of Cracow and in partnership with UNICEF, we have prepared various activities together. We are targeting visitors from Ukraine, other countries and Cracow residents.

What’s more, all activities are free for participants and caregivers!

Check out our activities and join us #CracowTogether


Check out our activities and join us #CracowTogether


An activity that will help us get to know each other better and discover our city. Artistic and sports and several workshops, and sightseeing are waiting for you. On top of all this, we have prepared tickets to various cultural institutions, sports objects and more! Be sure to check out this subpage! #CracowTogether

Polish language courses for students

A course of the Polish language for students from Ukraine in age 6-24 year-olds. We want to make the Polish language friendly and comfortable to use – it will undoubtedly make everyday life easier #CracowTogether

Ukrainian language courses for Polish teachers

A course of the Ukrainian language for Polish teachers. We want to be able to ensure the comfort of work for teachers from Krakow schools. We are aware that even the basics language will help to communicate better and help to understand with students #CracowTogether

Polish language courses for teachers from Ukraine

We aimed to improve the professional life of teachers from Ukraine. Many great specialists and specialists in the field of education came to Krakow. We want to help them continue to work at school, where they previously worked and whose needs and challenges they know. #CracowTogether

Places in kindergardens

The main goal of this activity is to help Ukrainian parents organize their lives in Cracow is to provide free kindergarten places for their youngest children. We want to give families at least a small opportunity to stabilize their lives and help them by giving proper care and integration for their children #CracowTogether

Additional computers and tablets for schools

Distribution of supplies that will help schools and pupils to organize the course of classes (especially IT) is the provision of additional equipment. We hope the new equipment will help make even more of the time spent in school. It is a gratitude to the schools and students for their openness and willingness to help as well #CracowTogether

Purchase of materials to preparatory units

Purchase materials for conducting art lessons in preparatory departments to help pupils find their way better in the school environment. We know that creating such spaces can be expensive so we will help schools with this #CracowTogether

School supplies for children and pupils

This activity is to help Ukrainian students enter the new school year is to provide essential school kits! We hope this will make the latest stage in each pupil’s life a pleasant and pleasant memory #CracowTogether

Creating Relaxing Zones

A task that will help integrate students. The common spaces will be a place to relax, talk and, in addition, get to know each other better among the youngest inhabitants of Cracow #CracowTogether

In conclusion, let’s remember that together we can do more.

Cracow Together is our response to what is happening in our city.

We create it together #CracowTogether

The Internationaler Bund Poland Foundation organizes the educational project with the support of the Faculty of Education of the City of Cracow. The project is implemented with the financial support of the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) — thanks to which we can act together!

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