Summer in the city!

The summer in the city project is a series of various cultural, sports and educational events. All of them have one most crucial feature #integration! Together with the Department of Education of Cracow City and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), our foundation joins forces and invites you to spend the best holidays!

We aim to provide active and inclusive recreation for 15,000 children and teenagers! Together, we work for multiculturalism in Cracow, inviting people aged 7-24 from Poland, Ukraine and other countries to discover the city together. We also invite their parents!

Multiculturalism is part of the DNA of our city! Free workshops, meetings, sightseeing and activities throughout Cracow.

Let’s get to know each other and spend this holiday together!

Check all the events in our calendar and choose the ones that interest you the most!

Registration for classes and activities is carried out directly by our partners — links and descriptions can be found in our calendar.

All events were prepared, among others, by museums, theatres, cultural centers and sports clubs; as a result, our attractions offer is vibrant!

To sum up, we have a wonderful time of workshops, sports, recreational, integration, educational, art, theater and excursions ahead of us. In addition, Summer in the City is to help participants get closer, get to know, understand, and in other words, build new acquaintances and friendships.

Classes are available in Polish and Ukrainian.


Provide information, join the event on Facebook, invite your friends and neighbors and let’s see each other in the city!

Join the event on Facebook and stay up to date!

Summer in the city with UNICEF — we are waiting for you!

In this case, it remains for us to say one thing:

See you in the city!