Retrofitting of educational institutions

Educational materials for educational institutions and preparatory departments are another activity of our foundation Internationaler Bund Polska, the Department of Education of the City of Cracow, and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

The goal is to support and equip Cracow’s educational institutions. We want people who were fleeing the war in their country and their peers from Cracow schools to be able to benefit from accessible and quality education and to be able to easily integrate with their peers.

Let’s remember that together we can do more! #KrakowTogether

As part of our activities, we provide additional equipment for educational institutions.

We are grateful to the schools in our city for their openness and help to Ukrainian children and youth in educational institutions have been recreational sets, including balls, skipping ropes, and board games; educational sets, including geometric sets, notebooks, pens, boards, globes; early school sets, including puppets, mascots, crayons, paints, puzzles, dominoes and many more. Depending on the needs, schools will receive various aids to support education and students’ passions and hobbies!

Numerical data:

1127 – package delivered to schools in Kraków,
259 – educational institutions benefited from our help,
11 days – that’s all we needed to distribute the whole thing!

Our work wouldn’t be so great without our volunteers and friends!

From the very beginning of our project, we are very lucky to have great people! We would like to thank the Department of Education of the City of Krakow and UNICEF for their cooperation!

Help Coordination!

Sylwia Syryca-Jankowicz and Klaudia Błaszczak are project coordinators from the Kraków team Together in distribution activities!

We donated (also helping the Department of Education of the City of Krakow in the distribution of recreational kits):
500 recreation sets,
27 educational sets,
600 early-school sets!

Projekt Kraków Wspólnie jest organizowany przez Fundację Internationaler Bund Polska przy współpracy z Wydziałem Edukacji UMK, finansowany przez Fundusz Narodów Zjednoczonych na rzecz Dzieci (UNICEF).
Проект «Краків Спільно» організовує Internationaler Bund Polska Foundation у співпраці з Департаментом освіти міста Кракова за фінансової підтримки Дитячого фонду ООН (ЮНІСЕФ).
The Internationaler Bund Polska Foundation organizes the Krakow Together project in cooperation with the Department of Education of the City of Krakow, financed by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).