About action

The action consists in donating tablets and laptops to schools that took in students fleeing the war in Ukraine. It aims to facilitate access to education in Poland, and the equipment will be used by children and youth for educational, development, social and integration purposes. We believe that every child should have equal opportunities to expand their knowledge, so this fall we will be donating electronic equipment to those who need it.

What we do

We donate tablets and laptops to schools that took in students fleeing the war in Ukraine.

For whom

For schools that accepted children and teenagers fleeing the war in Ukraine who took up education in our city. We hope the new equipment will help you make the most of your time at school. It is also a thank you to the management, teachers and all students for their openness and readiness to help #KrakówWspólnie

Let’s remember that together we can do more!

„Kraków Together – Computers and tablets for students” is implemented by the Internationaler Bund Polska Foundation in cooperation with the Department of Education of the City of Krakow and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), from which the task is financed.

Activity completed

The handing over of the equipment took place at the Department of Education of the City of Krakow. What have we achieved #together?
238 Krakow educational institutions benefited from our help!
By December 14, 2022, we have issued the following:

  • 3518 tablets with a keyboard,
  • 3510 tablets without a keyboard,
  • 336 laptops.

We did everything #together!

Krakow has again shown that it can work #together and help others! The entire distribution (including moving, issuing equipment, attaching project stickers and providing information about other activities in the project) was carried out thanks to the amazing help of both our employees, excellent officials of the Education Department of the City of Krakow and the invaluable help of volunteers from various countries who responded to the announcement of our Foundation about the need for help!

Moments like this show how wonderful Krakow is and how big hearts its inhabitants have!


On behalf of our Foundation, this activity is the responsibility of the Coordination Support Specialist – Klaudia Błaszczak.

Please direct your questions to the following e-mail address: