Our Mission:

We operate with a focus on multiculturalism, education, and social sensitivity. We aim to change the perception of professional activation, volunteering, and the creation of a civil society. We believe that change must happen here and now. You can help us change the stories of many people excluded due to unemployment.

What do we do?

As part of the professional activation of people excluded due to unemployment, our tailoring workshop in Tychy proposes creating amazing promotional gadgets:

  •         Bags
  •         Bum bags
  •         Kitchen aprons
  •         Plush toys
  •         Decorations
  •         Blankets
  •         Pillows

And many, many more!

About our initiative

Our products will be personalized especially for you.

You have the option to choose from various models and options: with patches or printing, customize the design, appearance, and fabrics used.

All of them are sewn by people who are learning a new profession and want to change their lives by overcoming unemployment! Thanks to your orders, you can help them in this journey!

Art, craftsmanship, experience.

We know very well that people who can work as tailors are an incredible treasure!

Under the watchful eye of Mrs. Bronka, the participants of the tailoring workshop learn the basics of cutting, sewing, and producing various gadgets.


We collaborate with various individuals who create unique graphics for us – your product can become a small work of art, thanks to our designers (illustrators and graphic artists).

We are open to diverse solutions because we want to responsibly create items that are beautiful, promote the brand and values, and most importantly, are eagerly used by the recipients!

Offer of the Tailoring Workshop in Tychy

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We warmly invite everyone interested in the offer of our tailoring workshop to get in touch:

Address: Edukacji 11 Street

43-100 Tychy

Telephone: (0048) 32 219 10 10

Email: cistychy@gmail.com