As a coordinating organization, IB Polska is responsible for fulfilling administrative aspects of the volunteers during the stay in Cracow (i.e. opening bank account, providing local transport, supporting the process for permission to stay/visa). Furthermore, IB Polska is providing Polish classes. The insurance is organized by the Sending organization, but we help you to use it.

We are responsible for renting volunteers flat and transferring pocket money + food money and reimbursing the travel costs for coming to Poland and for a return ticket.


Besides the organizational matters, the personal support of the volunteers is an important part of our work with youngsters.

We are responsible for communication and information exchange between all partners in the project. We supervise the project and organize regular evaluation meetings, in order to see the progress, solve problems, and help to do reflection. According to that, we prepare volunteers to write the YOUTHPASS.

Furthermore, volunteers’ own initiatives are welcomed and will be supported by us.