From the beginning of its existence, the foundation supports volunteering in Poland and abroad.

Young people and adults are invited to support our projects. As part of volunteering projects in Krakow, mainly people who are mentors of our foreign volunteers cooperate with us. We also involve people interested in administrative assistance in our offices.

Volunteers also support projects implemented in our office in Tychy, which are directed to seniors. Every year, around 15 volunteers work at the Platyna Senior Club, who conduct classes, provide assistance, or help in administrative work.

Moreover, with the help of our foreign volunteers, we promote the idea of social commitment and solidarity. Our foundation organizes every year the celebration of International Volunteer Day (December 5th).


Internationaler Bund Polska has been carrying out European Voluntary Service projects since 2008 (initially in the Youth in Action program, then in Erasmus +, currently in European Solidarity Corps). The accreditation of the coordinating and sending organization was granted in 2008 first, and then prolonged in 2011, 2014, 2017 as well as extended to include the role of host volunteers.

Thanks to the Foundation’s experience in coordinating EVS projects, an effective way of skilfully conducting activities was developed, with an emphasis on developing personal volunteers and increasing intercultural aspects of volunteering.

European Solidarity Corps - logotyp

From European Voluntary Service to European Solidarity Corps projects

In the years 2008-2021, our organization hosted a total of over 200 volunteers from both program and partner countries. During this period, together with partner organizations, we have completed (some projects are still underway) over 30 Volunteering projects.

Volunteering in Krakow with IB Polska - group photo of jumping volunteers in Wawel castle

As a coordinating organization, Internationaler Bund Polska takes care of contacts with both local and foreign partner organizations. By implementing volunteering projects in several partner organizations at the same time, the Foundation provides volunteers with the opportunity to exchange experiences and cooperation between organizations, so that volunteers can acquire an even wider range of experiences.

Project coordinators remain in contact with the volunteers throughout the whole project to properly monitor the learning process. Coordinators are experienced youth workers, involved in EVS/ESC and other Erasmus plus programs for at least a few years. IB Polska EVS coordinators constantly improve their qualifications while being active in different fields as well f.e interreligious dialogue, ecology, they also attend training and workshops organized by National Agency in Poland as well as local organizations in Krakow.

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