Center for Education and Support offers:

  • free classes for adults, seniors, youth, and children;
  • support: legal, psychological, informational, as well as career counseling;
  • a friendly space and a place to relax.

Our goals:

  • vocational, non-vocational, civic, and informal education (educational activities for adults, youth, and children);
  • competency development in the job market;
  • social integration;
  • intercultural integration;
  • mental well-being;
  • informational and legal support;
  • a place for meetings, conversations, and building relationships.

Check out our class schedule or learn more below!

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For whom?

We invite all city residents to attend free classes, workshops, and benefit from our assistance! 

Activities we offer are divided into the following blocks based on participants:

  • adults;
  • persons over 60 years of age;
  • youth;
  • children.

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For adults

Our classes and workshops are intended to address the real needs of residents! We want to assist in the development of social potential and support anyone who wishes to fully utilize their capabilities. What do we offer?

    • enhancing language proficiency;
    • supporting independent entry into the job market;
    • career counseling – consultations;
    • strengthening, reducing barriers and anxieties, enhancing self-sufficiency – psychological advice;
    • enhancing competencies and adaptability in the job market;
    • building social awareness;
    • integration workshops.

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For children

Each of us knows that children and youth have a voice! For the youngest residents, we have prepared classes and workshops that will help them feel like an important part of our society. We understand that a lack of childcare often hinders parents’ ability to participate in various activities, so we will be conducting our activities for adults and children simultaneously! Adults in their sessions, and children in theirs! For the youngsters we offer:

  • sports activities;
  • integrative activities;
  • development workshops;
  • art classes.

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For youth

Maybe we can (somehow) avoid being boomers! But for real, we want to co-create this place with you – together. We believe that young people know what they want, and we’re here to support that. We already have programming classes and board games covered! Come and create something together with us. How will we spend our time together? Here’s a list:

  • integrative activities;
  • specialized workshops;
  • board (but not only) games.

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For persons over 60 years of age

Who has more knowledge, vast experience, and incredible stories? Of course, the residents over 60. We want to spend time together, learn from each other, and help each other navigate the modern world. Choir, foreign language classes, tea gatherings, and much more! We are waiting for our wonderful neighbors. Here’s what awaits you:

  • language classes;
  • developmental activities;
  • integration;
  • singing;
  • sightseeing.

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Legal, psychological and informational support, career counseling

Providing accurate information and support is very important to us, so that both newcomers who have recently chosen Krakow as their place to live and all Krakow residents can gain empowerment and become increasingly self-sufficient.

Please contact us:

Telephone no. : +48 452 377 491.

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Języki obce

Foreign Languages

Іноземні мови

The Centre for Education and Support is operated by The Internationaler Bund Polska Foundation thanks to funding from Shell Poland and collaboration with the City of Krakow.