Zapraszamy do skorzystania z dwóch ofert wyjazdu na wolontariat zagraniczny, szczegóły poniżej! 

Project „Auslandsinstitut der Auslandsgesellschaft“

Location: Dortmund, Germany

Start: flexible, start between august and october 2024, 10 up to 12 months

2 free ESC-places in the project

The volunteer would work in the department media work that is part of the Auslandsinstitut. At the same time, the volunteers would be expected to implement their own project focused on the concept of „We in Europe”. One result would be cultural input for both the Foreign Institute and the local community. Within the framework of their country circle involvement, the volunteers will be able to gather practical knowledge and intercultural experience with German society and other ways of life. Volunteers will learn how to prepare and present media products, flyers, poster, press refues, and helps to realise sometimes the discussion forums, talks, readings, country theme weeks, dances and musical soirées.


Our expectation: Age between 20 and 29. A person who is interested in intercultural exchange. Because we have a lot of office work, we prefer german language skills on level B2 or C1. Open, friendly, teamworker.

Please send your application directly to:, Dirk Schubert.


Project „Auslandsgesellschaft-Internationaler Austausch“

Location: Dortmund, Germany

Start: august-september 2024, 10 up to 12 months

1 free ESC place in the project

The volunteer will help to organize study trips and youth exchange programs in the office, It is envisaged that the volunteers get involved in an existing youth exchange programme. And this is one reason why they should also join in project-related learning activities in the department and at the country seminars. Part of the project is to help with tasks in the department. In addition, the team of EVS volunteers at the AG NRW will organise EVS information events under the supervision of the tutor. Events that might include EVS Info Fairs at schools, job centres, European Days in Dortmund a.o. The volunteer will be a teamer in a study trip to Brussels or Berlin and there is chance to organize an own youth exchange or a study trip for young people.


Our expectation: Age over 20. Main point: We need a person who has big interest in intercultural exchange and very good german language skills, because there is a level of project work  Open, friendly, teamworker. We have an excellent international atmosphere with good personal tutoring and an own language institute.


We collect applications first. If there is a fitting candidate, we contact her/him directly and decide then. We get in contact with the volunteers who could be a fitting volunteer for the organisation. Please send your application directly to: Dirk Schubert. Thank you.


Projekt w ramach programu Europejski Korpus Solidarności finansowanego przez Unię Europejską.