Półroczny projekt we Francji /LeMans (lipiec-grudzień 2015)
Półroczny projekt EVS we Francji, w zaprzyjaźnionej organizacji Concordia z LeMans! (lipiec-grudzień 2015)

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The description of the organization

Concordia is a non-profit organization founded in 1950 by English, German and French youngsters. Their aim was to promote new values of tolerance and peace after the Second World War by organizing international work camps of young volunteersOur experience is intimidated linked to the European Union creation and construction.

The Youth in Action programme and more specifically EVS match our aims and objectives very closely :

? To contribute to the social life with French and foreign volunteers by the realization of general interest works.

? To help the circulation of ideas and people with international meetings.

? To promote an educational project helping the active citizenship in order to have a democratic, responsible and participative society.

Concordia Normandie-Maine is composed of volunteers and one permanent staff member. Our main activities are long and short term exchanges (including international workcamps, ,. local ?inclusion? pro-ject EVS, Youth Exchange, other form of national and international volun-teering.

Concordia Normandie-Maine is involved in the Youth in Action since this year.

The themes that we find in our volunteers projects are various but all coloured by the intercultural context :

- Citizenship (local, national, european, international)

- Volunteer - give to society aspect of it. Work value as the main goal.

- Inclusion and social dialogue (solidarity for disavantaged people, jobless, homeless, old people...)

- Development (useful help for the local comunity - external point of view and new ideas)

- Fight against racism and discrimination : aware people to the tolerance

- Educative and cultural values of intercultural meetings

- Avoid and handle misunderstanding or intercultural conflict

- Peer-to-peer education for youth and adults

- Cultural activities as social bridges

- Respect and protection of the environment

- Fairtrade an sustainable development

- Human rights

- Colective life

- Welcome and help notion for the people in need

The organisation is already experimented in EVS projects (sending, hosting and coordinating), 6 Concordia's offices are agreed, which mean 37 volunteers concerned in 2012.

The description of the mission

Context/ background of the project :

On the district since 4 years, our action "Work with youth voluntary and mobility in urban districts" is financially supported by the global policy of the city.

We work with various organizations and try, by different activities from the short term voluntary to the EVS or civic service (long term), to put a new way of advertisement without consumption for the youth, which is new in the city of Le Mans.

We succeed to have a lot of participants during our outdoor activities, thanks to that we discussed with the inhabitants and find their expectations, we decided to get the project bigger and use different way to act with "Liven up the district".

Objectives :

We have a lot of children and teenagers on our projects, some of them come back everytime that we organise an action, we want to purpose more various things for them and have the ambition to make them think about international mobility. We also want to work with the adults to make them take part of their environment.

An EVS volunteer participation make real the concept of peer-to-peer learning and make the youth realize that it's possible to get involved in project, specially abroad.

Number and profile of the participant :

1 volunteer who will work with another one, in civic service.

We would like that he/she already have an experience in commitment and project, a good motivation and a desire to discover the other.

Activities :

1. Take part to the organisation of animations on the district:

- to meet the inhabitant

- to get to know the organisations

- Co build and co animate leasure time

- take part to the event on th district

2. Valorise his/her own culture

- animation of moment of presentation

- think about how valorise this

- meet various organisations

- take part to the event around culture

3. Valorise the experience

- Create a daily document to follow the evolution

- Create a well done guide for an EVS volunteer

Take part to other projects with the other teams, every week an half day will be dedicated to the building of a personnal projet.

finally the potential longer term benefits.

Results and impact envisaged :

For the inhabitatnt, to make them be a part of their district life and purpose various actions to increase the communication, solidarity and well being. Ex: some weekly appointment aroud the discovery of a culture, a tongue, a game, an art...

The potential longer term benefits :

Decrease minsunderstandings because of a lack of knowledge about the foreign culture, increase neighboor communication, help each other, more solidarity, more trust, be aware about active citizenship and live together.