?Human Rights and Gender Equality? workshop

The ?Human Rights and Gender Equality? workshop is considered to be held for everyone interested. The main aim of the project is to raise awareness of trainees about fundamentals on Human Rights and Gender Equality.

During the workshop, trainees are considered to learn about:

What is ?Human Rights? and what are the ?rights of human beings??

Why we need ?Human Rights??

What the violation of Human Rights can cause in societies and in the world?

And why the protection of Human Rights is important?

Is gender inequality the violation of Human Rights?

What is gender?

Why we need to emphasize specifically women?s rights within the framework of human rights? How can we achieve equal rights?

and Why we need Human Rights Education?


Workshop will be lead by Ayten Guluzade, here's a short bio by Ayten:

My name is Aytan Guluzade and I am a human rights activist from Azerbaijan. I have started my activism on human rights since 2011 after I completed six weeks exchange program in the United States about ?Civic Engagement?. During this exchange program, knowledge and information that I gained about Civil Rights Movement in the USA and Segregation against African Americans which were parts of the Study Institutes of the United States exchange program motivated me to start my activism on gender and violence topic in Azerbaijan. Me and a group of girls established Women Rights Center for the enlightenment of youth including both boys and girls about women?s rights and we implemented several activities and two projects by the support of US State Department. Moreover, I studied feminism theory during the winter semester of 2014 at the University of Washington and Lee. Right now I am an EVS volunteer in Cracow and I continue my activism on Human Rights through implementing small projects.

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Workshop language: English Where: JCC Krakow When: 8/06 from 11 to 15.