Summary by Paulina

gru workshop

Between 10th ? 14th March 2014, in Krakow took place Grundtvig Workshops, which were funded by Grundtvig - Lifelong Learning Programme. Workshop titled " Six Colorful Ways to understand , interpret and critically evaluate information" , was organized by Internationaler Bund Poland.

Workshop concerned the issue of literacy in Europe. It served to the international participants knowledge on problem of illiteracy . Workshop expanded knowledge of science concise communication of information and knowledge on the different types of thinking and summarizing all types: 1 ) the specific dry - on the same facts ; 2 ) emotional ; 3 ) thinking about finding positive solutions to the problem ; 4) negative thinking , manifested by stagnation and reluctance to act; 5) creative thinking and 6 ) control thinking.

Workshop trainers were two psychologists: Maria Nowak - Szabat and Ewa Kowalska - Janusz.

The workshop ended with a joint presentation of workshop prepared by participants. Additionally discussion provide information regarding the situation of illiteracy in Europe, the language problems of the Roma community and discussion between the participants, drawn by the Deputy Director of the Institute of Education at the Jagiellonian University - Dr. Jacek Bylica.