About IB Polska

Foundation Internationaler Bund Polska has its head office in Cracow and was established around the end of 2004. It was founded by the German organization Internationaler Bund e. V. with its head office in Frankfurt am Main. Its main aim is to support people to develop their personality, to integrate themselves into the environment, to encourage them to take responsibility for their own and to be active by the development of the society.The foundation encourages the activity not only for the individuals, but also for the whole society and support understanding and international cooperation.

In order to pursue the aforementioned aims the foundation launches and supports:

  • education programs focusing on the cultural, economical and political phenomena concerning education, culture,
  • environment protection, health care and social work
  • programs and enterprises of an educational and cultural character focusing on environmental issues, charity, health care, social and work reintegration
  • international programs focusing on development of the democracy, market, science, culture, education and exchange of information that help to bring nations and countries of the Middle and Eastern Europe closer together
  • training programs for experts from different fields for developing and existing market institutions, democracy and selfgovernment
  • information programs that serve to spread education to different levels of society about market principles,democratic
  • institutions,civil rights and also to propagate civic attitude,economical independence and creativity
  • Leonardo da Vinci projects- mobility programs for adults in PL and DE
  • Gruntvig project in 2010 - Professional Usage of Media in Educational
  • European Voluntary Service-IB Polska is So and HO
  • from 2009 foundation runs in Tychy Centre for Social Integration (CIS)-the venture, where 20 socially disadvantaged adults can take part in different activities leading to social and professional reintegration

The Foundation pursuits its aims within the bounds of projects concerning vocational, nonformal and civil education, public activity, free time activities, international exchange, education of foreign languages and profession, health and social care. Aside from pursuing its own projects, the foundation cooperates with other organizations and institutions that share similar aims.
This cooperation rely on content-related and organizational support, or assistance by acquiring additional funding from other sources.