Foundation Internationaler Bund Polska woudl like to invite you for a Grundtvig Workshop

Topic of the Workshop: Six Colorful Ways to understand, interpret and critically evaluate information

Dates of the Workshop: 10.03.2014 ? 14.03. 2014

Venue of the Workshop: Cracow

Country: Poland

Language of the Workshop: English

Expected number of participants: 12


Target group

Educators, teachers engaged in literacy tuition and education who:

  • are interested in the method of training the ability to understand, interpret and evaluate information,
  • interested in European programmes in the field of literacy,
  • are fluent in the use of the English language.


Main activities / programme of the Workshop

The workshop is based on Six Thinking Hast method by de Bono. The first day will be focused on introducing the methods, learn each other better and break the ice. For the next three days during the morning sessions the participants will become familiar with six tools of information understanding: fact focus, emotion focus, development focus, information criticism, creative attitude and synthesizing focus. During afternoon sessions, the participants will take a closer look on six European projects on adult literacy education. Final day of the workshop will be devoted to organise knowledge on the method. To sum up, the participants will participate in panel discussion on the issue of literacy education in Europe along with researchers of the oldest university in Poland ? the Jagiellonian University.