The Internationaler Bund Foundation (IB) Poland in Krakow was founded by the Internationaler Bund Freier Trager der Jugend-, Sozial-,und Bildungsarbeit Association in Frankfurt am Main.

The foundation is engaged in building emblematic “bridges” between Polish, German and from another countries institutions following the steps and experience of our founding organization. Together we create educational and occupational programs for teens and adults allowing young people (students and unemployed collage graduates) and adults to improve their professional skills and employability.

Our most recent programs (in progress and completed) include:
– Erasmus + (European Voluntary Service, international apprenticeship for students, work experience sharing workshops for Polish teachers and employment consultants, and German students’ apprenticeship in Poland).
– youth exchange program (history and multiculturalism workshops, students’ international apprenticeships, etc.).

Additionally, our centre in Tychy runs youth occupational workshops and trade training program for the unemployed.
The main objective of the Foundation is to help people live peaceful and independent lives, in social integration with their community, and to become productive and responsible members of our society. The Foundation hopes to inspire individuals into personal and social action as well as broader international cooperation.